年轻的伦溪俱乐部在线狗展在连续17天的课程后绘制得出结论,它吸引了来自英国各个角落的1,100个条目,最终在Ruby-Mae Brooks拥有的两年历史的Cocker Spaniel上,最终徘徊在罗密欧从约克,被整体赢家加冕。

Launched in mid-May to celebrate the joy our four-legged friends bring, and recognising how they are helping their young owners through lockdown, the virtual show was open to Young Kennel Club (YKC) members aged 6-24 and showcased a whole variety of impressive tricks and handling techniques, as well as plenty of cute and cuddly pictures.

Despite being stuck at home, 18 year-old Ruby-Mae and Romeo have taken this time as an opportunity to do plenty of training, whether that’s heelwork, agility or obedience, which the pair regularly compete in under normal circumstances. The dynamic duo were named the winners after coming top in the Best Walkies class.

Speaking of their win, Ruby-Mae said: “I’m elated! I didn’t believe it was us at first! We celebrated with a long walk where he had a good run and play with his favourite ball. I’m so proud of Romeo and the fact that the picture sums him up so well – it shows how much he loves life and all the thrills that come along with it.

“Romeo is my world and has helped me through lots of challenges in my life by giving me a purpose and a hobby that I love and enjoy. He has continued to support me through lockdown by always being on hand for a cuddle or always being ready to work, either training in agility or obedience.”

As well as providing young dog lovers with a fun activity to enjoy with their canine friends, the YKC online dog show was initiated to promote the importance of mental and physical stimulation for dogs during lockdown, celebrate the companionship, love and joy that dogs bring into our lives, as well as providing hundreds of cute puppy pictures for dog lovers everywhere to scroll through.

然后由狗窝俱乐部执行主席托尼Allcock Obe判断每堂课的获奖者,他说:“这场比赛的突出利益对此感到非常深刻。这对YKC成员为自己及其狗提供了新的机会,这一直很重要。

“The feedback from parents has been one of support for the competition and appreciation as this has reached areas of the membership that may not always have the chance to take part in a YKC competition and has given members something different to do at this difficult time. Choosing the overall winner was not an easy task but I believe the winning picture captured the optimism of what dogs are all about and everything they stand for.”


Best YKC Gundog – Chester, a two-year-old Irish Water Spaniel, owned by Olivia Busby, 21, from Oxfordshire

Olivia is a university student, studying Canine Behaviour and Training, but is currently at home whilst her university is closed. They would normally be attending dog shows at this time of year, but during lockdown she has been taking her fun and loving dog, Chester, for long walks and discovering new places.

Best YKC Utility – Nico, a four-year-old Japanese Spitz, owned by Lyndsey Jones, 20, from Flintshire, North Wales

Nico is Lyndsey’s first home-bred dog, and they also share their home with his mum Kiki, brother Hugo, sister Esme, and Lyndsey’s Shetland Sheepdog, Cassi. The pair regularly compete across the UK in open and championship level dog shows, often successfully. Lyndsey describes Nico as a very cuddly, needy boy, so during lockdown they have been exploring new walks around where they live.

Best YKC At Home Trick – Apollo, a one-year-old, Collie/Poodle cross, and Emma Stock, 17, from Taunton, Somerset

Whilst in normal circumstances Emma would be competing in agility with her older dog, Athena, and was even on this year’s YKC Team GB squad with her, Emma is using the time in lockdown to work on training her “high energy bundle of joy” Apollo in heelwork to music, agility and tricks – the hard work for which has clearly paid off!

Best YKC At Home Agility – Emrys, a three-year-old Border Collie, and Emmy Figg, 21, from Dartford


最好的YKC Toy - Marcel,一个由索菲拥有的Affenpinscher,年龄18岁

Best YKC Working – Brandie, a five-year-old Dobermann, owned by Ebony Judge, 20, from Liverpool

As a younger dog, Brandie used to compete in both handling and Disc dog (a sport which involves a flying disc, with owners and dogs competing in distance catching and choreographed freestyle catching) alongside Ebony, whilst they now often train in agility, canicross and heelwork to music for fun. During lockdown they have been exploring new walks in their area, swimming at the beach and learning lots of new tricks.

最好的YKC在家里的处理 - 多班,一个五岁的Cocker Spaniel / Poodle Cross,11,11,来自Walton-On-Naze,Essex


Best YKC Pastoral – Dream, a three-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, owned by Erin Logie, 22, from Carnoustie, Scotland

艾琳和她的家人爱上了彭布罗克逢sh Corgis a few years ago and now own two, alongside three Large Munsterlanders. Erin and Dream take part in breed showing as well as attending YKC handling classes, but their overall goal is to strut their stuff in the YKC ring at Crufts. Erin works at a nearby veterinary group in Dundee who are continuing to provide emergency care for sick animals during Covid-19, so appreciates coming home to her dogs after hectic and stressful days.

Best YKC Hound – Roly and Ana, Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds, owned by Rachel, aged 19

最佳YKC在家里的狗和所有者锻炼 - 福尔斯郡,17岁,救援狗和Annabel Readman,来自Hertfordshire

Annabel的家庭于2017年从当地救援中心采用了融合,从那时起,他已经改变了自己的生活 - 以及帮助Annabel与她的仰卧起坐和木板留出来,这对YKC法官印象深刻了!这对一直在做敏捷训练两年,并于2019年5月开始竞争。在锁定期间,他们一直在家里做了很多技巧训练,以及花园里的敏捷训练和很多长途跋涉。

Best YKC Terrier – Walter, a two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, owned by Nicholas Duffield, 14, from Barnstaple, Devon


Best YKC At Home Heelwork to Music – Luna, a two-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle cross, and Lily House, 15, from Cornwall


Best YKC Dog Doppelganger – Aspen, a six-year-old Siberian Husky, and Ashley Sutton, 13, from County Durham

Ashley has been handling Aspen since 2018 and together they have qualified for YKC Crufts classes over two consecutive years, and even achieved third place in the YKC Stakes class.

最好的YKC救援 - 挖掘,一个12岁的Jack Russell Terrier Cross,由Amy Challis,18,来自Dartford,肯特


最好的YKC在家庭服从 - Archie,这是一家两岁的双人乐的乐队,由奥克斯郡,23岁,来自牛津郡


最好的YKC杂交 - Loki,杂交,由Lydia拥有,九岁

The YKC has plenty of other exciting activities coming up to keep kids and their canine companions occupied during lockdown, including drawing tutorials, interactive games across their social channels as well as printable quizzes, colouring pages and more. There is more information for young dog lovers who are interested in joining the Young Kennel Club available atwww.ykc.org.uk.