提名仍开放国际Canine Health Awards, which are run by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and include substantial cash prizes donated by Vernon and Shirley Hill, founders of Metro Bank, to go towards new or continued research. The deadline for all submissions is 311月2020年1月,所以希望提名自己或同伴的人只剩下两个星期来提交细节。




  • International Prize in Canine Health - for outstanding contributions in the field of canine health and welfare, with a prize fund of £40,000 for future projects. The award will be presented to one or more individuals who are currently involved in world class innovation but with much still to contribute.
  • 终身成就奖 - 凭借10,000英镑的基金,该奖项将参加一名兽医或科学家,在一个相关的纪律工作,他们致力于推进狗的健康和福利的职业生涯。www.w88.com该奖项将呈现给一个对犬健康和福利世界阶段产生重大影响的人。
  • 英国学生的灵感奖,将分为本科和研究生奖,奖金基金为10,000英镑的研究生,本科冠军赢家的5,000英镑。这些奖品将有助于进一步的教育成本,发展职业生涯,或创造或继续项目。奖项将展示给英国兽医学校学习的非凡学生,他展示了大大推进兽医前方的潜力和在狗领域的研究。
  • Breed Health Coordinator Award - with a £1,000 prize fund, judges will be looking for individuals from breed clubs or councils who have demonstrated a dedication to supporting health and welfare within their breed over the previous year. Some of the aspects that will be considered include the starting or coordinating of a new project or resource for the breed, such as a health website or health survey, and good communication with the Kennel Club and other key stakeholders.

去年的获奖者包括国际奖的受援国Danika Bannasch博士,他被认识到了她对犬遗传学发展的重要贡献。特别是,遗传检测的发展七种不同的犬疾病,包括荷尔蒙缺陷,高记录性和骨发育条件,Chondrodystrophy。

Chondrodystrophy and associated intervertebral disk diseases (IVDD) affect millions of dogs worldwide and cause severe pain and suffering in those dogs, resulting in paralysis or expensive surgical intervention in some cases. The identification of the mutation responsible allows the possibility of reducing, or even eliminating IVDD in dog breeds through the use of genetic testing.

Speaking about the award, Danika said: “This is an incredible honour. I have devoted my life to dog genetics and I hope that in the long run less dogs will suffer from conditions that are preventable by genetics and genetic testing.”


He was responsible for establishing the canine buccal mucosa bleeding time test as the standard procedure for detecting these conditions in dogs. His laboratory in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri offers approximately 40 different genetic tests for diseases and was one of the first in the world to adopt whole genome sequencing as the primary strategy for identifying genetic mutations associated with heritable disease in dogs and other domestic species.

谈到他的奖,加里说:“这是太远了and away the most prestigious award I have received in my 76 years and it is doubtful that anything will come close in the future. I would like the prize money to be donated to the University of Missouri so that we can identify the molecular genetic causes for heritable canine diseases.”

Last year’s other winners were Adrian Baez-Ortega, who won the Postgraduate Student Inspiration Award to help further his research into the evolution of canine transmissible venereal tumours (CTVT), a condition that has infected domestic dogs for the past 8,000 years and is found in around 100 countries worldwide.

After winning the award, Adrian commented: “I feel immensely honoured to have been selected for this award.

“Canine transmissible venereal tumour is a particularly nasty and painful cancer, normally associated with free-roaming or street dogs, where it is spread through mating. I am really glad the award funds will allow me to gain more knowledge about how CTVT interacts with each tumour’s host dog and which genes allow CTVT to systemically escape the immune system of infected dogs, in the hope that better understanding might lead to better treatment of this disease.”

Nivan Mamak won the Undergraduate Student Inspiration Award for her current work investigating paroxysmal dyskinesia, a genetic disorder in Golden Retrievers which causes abnormal spasmodic movements of the hind limbs which can be mistaken for epileptic seizures.



Liz Branscombe赢得了一年中的繁殖健康协调员,为她的辛勤工作教育育种者和所有者有关扁平涂层猎犬的健康,致力于该品种33年。

In 2018, Liz played a key role in the development and promotion of the Kennel Club’s breed health and conservation plan, working with different breed organisations to complete the resulting action plan which will drive continual health improvements in the breed. She has also been involved with various initiatives that will benefit the health of pedigree dogs, such as the cause of death register which aims to establish an online source of information on the major health issues affecting Flat-Coated Retrievers.

Liz commented: “This award is recognition not only for what I do as Breed Health Coordinator, but also in recognition of the contribution that the Flat-Coated Retriever Society health committee and health representatives from the other breed organisations make towards promoting our breed health initiatives.”

Dr Andrew Higgins, Chairman of the judging panel and trustee of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, which runs the awards, said: "The International Canine Health Awards recognises and commends the dedication shown by scientists and veterinarians in the field of dog health.

“我们非常感谢Vernon和Shirley Hill的慷慨资金,以及肯尼俱乐部慈善信托基金的支持,使我们能够庆祝那些为男人最好的朋友的健康和福利而不知疲倦地工作的人。


Vernon Hill, founder and Chairman of Metro Bank, and whose major gift underwrites the International Canine Health Awards, said: "We are extremely proud to support the International Canine Health Awards again this year. As a dog owner and lover, it’s so important that we celebrate the people who transform and improve the lives of so many dogs across the world. It’s a subject extremely close to our hearts at Metro Bank, and it’s incredible to see how many people, from so many different countries, dedicate their whole lives to their work, and all for the good of the dogs.”

All nominations for the 2020 awards should be made via the online application form on the Kennel Club website by 31January 2020. If you have any queries regarding the application process, please电子邮件Andrea Harris在狗窝俱乐部