Kennel Club Charitable Trust invests over £1.9 million into dog health and welfare

犬舍俱乐部Charitable Trust announced today that it has provided over £1.9 million to projects dedicated to improving dog health and welfare on a local and national level since 2017. As part of the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organisation devoted to dog health and welfare, the Kennel Club Charitable Trust supports projects and organisations which share its commitment to dog health and happiness, including health and science projects, welfare, and support organisations across the country.

Over £1.5 million of the total funding was used to support clinical research into dog health and diseases. The Kennel Club Cancer Centre at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) is one of the Trust’s long-term projects which contributes to the AHT’s well-established cancer research programme. Other research projects which received funding in recent years include the Brachycephalic Obstruction Airway Syndrome research group, research into ageing in canine liver and pancreas and study of T-cell lymphoma in dogs, all at the University of Cambridge.

T细胞淋巴瘤研究小组的负责人Elizabeth Soilleux博士评论说:“我们非常感谢犬舍俱乐部慈善信托基金会为我们的项目提供资金,这一项目有着真正的潜力,希望在不久的将来能对犬类淋巴瘤进行更好的检测。这笔资金大大支持了项目本身以及两位杰出科学家的个人发展。”

犬舍俱乐部Charitable Trust also financially supports dog welfare and rescue organisations, including Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations that re-home dogs throughout the UK. This includes local rescue organisations dedicated to giving dogs a second chance and finding them forever homes as well as training, behavioural and veterinary organisations. The Kennel Club Charitable Trust also has a scheme running with the PDSA to provide much needed veterinary treatment through a fee claim back service.

The British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) is the recipient of an annual bursary of £6,000. The bursary supports vet nurse students, covering their degree fees and other costs associated with learning and work placements. Alice Theobald, one of the recipients of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust BVNA bursary, said: “This bursary helped me to afford accommodation while studying away from home and covered travel costs during my work placement. I don’t think I’d be able to achieve all this without the extra funding and I am very grateful I had a chance to make the most of my course.”

In 2018 alone, the Kennel Club Charitable Trust granted nearly £130,000 to various welfare and rescue organisations including Refuge4Pets, a unique charity which helps pets belonging to victims of domestic abuse; a regional Welsh charity Hope Rescue which rehomes rescue dogs; and Battersea Academy which provides training for rescue organisation staff. Recipients from last year included Dog A.I.D., a charity which trains assistance dogs; Autism at Kingwood which practices animal-assisted intervention for adults with autism; and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue.

犬舍俱乐部慈善信托基金会在新的十年内,会继续支持参与狗健康及福利的机构,并已进行多项资助计划。例如,青年格洛斯特郡(Young Gloucestershire)是一个支持处境不利青年的地区性青年组织,是2020年已确认的资金接受者之一。这项资金将帮助格洛斯特郡的年轻人实施治疗犬的服务,帮助他们的治疗服务,帮助年轻人放松,降低焦虑,建立他们的自信。类似的治疗方法的成功,被称为动物辅助干预,包括患者克服离开家的焦虑,提高他们与治疗师交谈的信心或提高阅读技能。

Visitors to Crufts, the world’s greatest celebration of dogs taking place from 5– 8March 2020, can learn more about the projects of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, including Kennel Club Breed Rescue and Dog A.I.D. Dogs from official Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations will be visiting the Kennel Club stand, giving show-goers the opportunity to learn more about the rescue programme and the adoption process.

犬舍俱乐部Charitable Trust will continue to support dog health and welfare through funding including its long-term partnership with the Animal Health Trust and other research groups, as well as supporting the education of veterinary professionals.

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Visit the Kennel Club and Animal Health Trust stands at Crufts from 5– 82020年3月。