Hands-on Judging Experience

The Kennel Club Board has agreed to the recommendation from the Independent Review Panel (IRP) and will incorporate formal minimum hands-on experience for judges progressing under the JCF, it has been announced. A judge will need to have judged a minimum number of dogs to allow them to register at JCF Level 3.

As part of this work the Board has also amended the hands-on criteria for potential CC judges under the current judge’s approval process in line with the IRP recommendation.

The new criteria for the minimum number of dogs judged to be approved to award Challenge Certificates is as follows:

Stud Book Band

Current KC criteria

Amended KC criteria under current system

Criteria for progressing

under JCF to Level 3

A minus
























This criteria will be applicable with immediate effect for questionnaires submitted under the current system to the Kennel Club and breed clubs/councils will be written to, strongly recommending that A3 list criteria are changed to reflect the revised totals.

Browse our list of breeds and their relevant Stud Book Bands.See note1

当前法官的批准process will run in tandem with the JCF for a period of five years from the date of launch, subject to a review after three years and judges have the option to choose which system to use on a breed by breed basis. Group and general championship show societies have been advised of this.

Please note that the criteria for the following variety breeds has also been considered. The minimum number of dogs required to be judged is as follows:


250 Dachshunds of any combination of the six varieties.


150 Poodles of any combination of Poodle (Miniature), Poodle (Standard) and Poodle (Toy), which must include a minimum of 30 of each variety.

German Spitz

70 German Spitz of any combination of German Spitz (Klein) and German Spitz (Mittel).

Fox Terrier

70 Fox Terriers of any combination of Fox Terrier (Smooth) and Fox Terrier (Wire).

Bull Terrier

80 Bull Terriers of any combination of Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier (Miniature).

Belgian Shepherd Dog

70 Belgian Shepherd Dogs, any combination of Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois and Laekenois.


200 Chihuahuas, any combination of Long Coat or Smooth Coat.


广泛讨论后繁殖俱乐部has been decided to treat these as three separate breeds for CC approval purposes and questionnaires will be required to be submitted by a judge to award CCs in each size. Therefore, the required number of dogs for each size will be based on the respective Stud Book Band. This arrangement will continue under JCF.

The Board has clarified that the following types of event may be used to claim hands-on experience numbers under both JCF and current approval system:

  • Breed classes at Championship Shows without CCs
  • Breed classes at Open Shows
  • Breed classes at Limited Shows
  • Mock/training classes at breed club shows (practical judging days) – only one occasion can be claimed and a maximum of 5 dogs
  • Dogs judged at KC approved assessments, maximum of 5 dogs – only one occasion and a maximum of 5 dogs. Cannot be used in addition to mock classes.
  • Dogs judged at inter or intra-club single-breed matches
  • Special Award Classes at breed club shows
  • Supported entry shows
  • Dogs judged at single breed dog of the year competitions
  • Overseas appointments

Dogs judged at the following types of event may NOT be included in a judge’s hands-on experience:

  • AVNSC and Variety classes
  • At fun days
  • Conjointly with other judges at events where the candidate judge is not required to give independent judgment on the dogs
  • Any JCF mentoring sessions

Any queries related to this process should be directedby email to our breed shows team.

1Those breeds designated Band A minus are: Australian Cattle Dog; Australian Terrier; Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand); Bloodhound; Bouvier Des Flandres; Brittany; Finnish Spitz; Glen of Imaal Terrier; Ibizan Hound; Kerry Blue Terrier; Lakeland Terrier; Mastiff; Norwegian Buhund; Norwich Terrier; Otterhound; Pharaoh Hound; Polish Lowland Sheepdog; Retriever (Chesapeake Bay); Sealyham Terrier; Skye Terrier; Spaniel (Irish Water); Swedish Vallhund; Welsh Terrier.