Covid-19小狗繁荣 - 四分之一的录取冲动购买大流行小狗

  • New research from The Kennel Club showsa quarter of new owners admit buying a puppy during the Covid-19 pandemicwith little research
  • More than2在5点买了一只小狗,成为他们的Covid-19伴侣三分之二同意他们的狗是锁定的“生命线”
  • 然而几乎1 in 4 pandemic puppy buyers admit they could have inadvertently bought from a puppy farm, and a fifth don't know whether their dog will suit their lifestyle after lockdown - citing worries about behaviour, time and costs
  • 肯尼俱乐部推出了活动帮助业主#bepuppywise- providing vital resources and advice from how to avoid being scammed and buy a puppy responsibly, to training tips for pandemic pets



Almost two thirds (63 per cent) of those who bought a puppy during the pandemic believed lockdown was the perfect time to get a puppy – with three quarters also stating their dog was the best thing about lockdown – yet thousands missed red flags in the process:

  • 27 per cent paid money before actually seeing their puppy
  • 42 per cent didn’t see the puppy’s breeding environment, in real-life or via video call
  • An overwhelming 83 per cent weren’t asked any questions by the breeder about their suitability as owners



  • One in five new owners who bought a puppy during the pandemic admit they hadn’t fully considered the long-term commitment or responsibility that comes with having a dog
  • 18 per cent are not sure how they will look after their dog when they return to work – in fact only just over half (52 per cent) said they had taken this in to consideration before getting their puppy
  • 近四分之一(22%)担心他们的小狗的社会化和行为由于锁定限制,包括在遇到其他人和狗时。在获得狗之前,不到一半(45%)研究的小狗训练
  • 15 per cent are worried about whether they can afford their dog and associated costs - like insurance, food, and vet bills – and one in three (34 per cent) don’t have pet insurance
  • 15 per cent agree in hindsight, they weren’t ready to get a puppy

本研究后,这说明了一个国家n in need of puppy love yet with increasingly hasty buying habits accompanied by worrying consequences, The Kennel Club has launched its #BePuppywise campaign, urging people to take their time and do proper research when getting a dog. The campaign provides advice, tools and resources, from videos to top tips for both potential owners to help them find the right dog and breeder, and prepare for their new family member, as well as those new owners who are struggling with their pandemic puppy, helping them care for their new best friend as lockdown lifts and beyond.


“这些仓促的决定不仅在大流行期间经营的机会主义诈骗者和小狗农民的手中 - 而且如果业主没有仔细考虑他们的狗将符合他们的”正常“的生活,也可以悲伤地导致小狗重新回顾。在目前的气候中,通过彻底的,广泛的研究,花时间来寻找合适的狗和饲养员并不了解红色旗帜,从来都不是更重要的是,并为您的新抵达做准备并成为负责任的所有者。通过起来,您正在积极采取措施,以防止对英国的小狗潜在地破坏锁定遗产。“

狗窝俱乐部已经在锁定视频中制作了“垃圾”视频龙的巢www.w88.com穴Entrepreneur和Kennel Club Sanded Breeder,Jenny Campbell,它展示了一个负责任的饲养员看起来像是一个负责任的饲养员,以及如何成为大流行期间的负责任的新的小狗所有者。了解更多关于我们的PuppyWise广告系列

珍妮补充说:“小狗需要时间,努力和关怀!一个“大流行的小狗”肯定需要额外的培训和社会化。By being puppywise, and making use of The Kennel Club’s tips, expert advice and resources to work out if you’re ready for a puppy and how to buy one responsibly, as well as understanding your puppy and how to be a good owner, your canine companion will be happy and healthy, providing you with a lifetime of happiness, fun and a new best friend.”