The Kennel Club Roadshow

Dogs and owners stood outside Kennel Club stand
Heidi Hudson / The Kennel Club ©

The Kennel Club Roadshow attends a broad range of events across the country, including the 10 all-breeds championship shows. We invite you to come see for yourself how much fun these events can be!

The Kennel Club Roadshow travels around the whole of the UK, as well as some overseas venues, to promote our valuable work. We are also on hand to offer support and answer any questions that visitors may have. From showing your dog to registering your new puppy, we're there to support and keep you informed.

At our roadshow stand you can pick up a variety of leaflets and brochures, including information about responsible dog ownership and beginners' guides, as well as litter registration forms and rules and regulation publications.

Come and see us!

Dates for 2020 are yet to be confirmed. For further information pleaseemail the Kennel Club Roadshow Manager, Sue Sampson,or call 01296 318 540.