Judging dog shows

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该Kennel Club is responsible for the approval of championship show judges, of which there are in excess of 7,000 approved in the UK.

该judges' committee (JC) processes around 300 appointments for judges every six weeks to award challenge certificates (CCs) at championship shows.

Judges at The Kennel Club's licensed agility shows are expected to maintain and abide by the highest standards, adhering toKennel Club的Show F法规and our评委'准则最佳实践

Each judge who is approved can be found on our找一个法官service.

Becoming a dog showing judge


For all licensed breed shows,该Kennel Club breed standards必须用于习惯血统犬。确保您阅读并理解与您在进入环之前判断的品种相关的标准。
First appointments

All judging appointments at dog shows licensed by The Kennel Club must be underpinned by a contract between the society and the judge. Forming a contract requires three stages:

  1. 社会必须以书面形式邀请法官,包括狗所需的措辞显示规定,并要求书面接受
  2. 法官应返回判决任命的书面接受
  3. 然后,社会应该再次签署判决预约

Three-part contracts should always be in place, even for emergency replacement judges. In the event of a judge or society being in breach of their contract, and unable to provide a satisfactory explanation of the breach, the board of The Kennel Club may impose sanctions.

It is against The Kennel Club rules for judges to ask for an appointment.

Progressing as a breed show judge

After you have judged your first breed, you may wish to judge other breeds. You can do so by applying for the breed club's judging lists and working your way through each criteria.

Becoming a first-time CC breed show judge



  • 在自己的品种中有七年的经验
  • Have attended therequirements of a dog show judge seminardelivered by a Kennel Club accredited trainer, and passed the relevant examination on The Kennel Club regulations and judging procedures. The syllabus is based on the展示法规该Kennel Club Code of Best Practice for Judges(包括法官和戒指管道指南和选择法官的最佳做法代码)and该Kennel Club Code of Conduct。Further pre-course learning, including a film and a mock examination, are available on狗窝俱乐部学院
  • Have attended thepoints of the dog assessmentconducted by a Kennel Club accredited trainer and passed. To assist with pre-course learning, you may also wish to take the drag and drop exercise onKennel Club Academy
  • Have attended a seminar delivered by a Kennel Club accredited trainer on构象和运动。For pre-learning,subscribe to The Kennel Club Academy并观察构象和运动系列
  • Have attended at least one breed-specific seminar run in accordance with The Kennel Club Code of Best Practice for the running of a breed seminar and judging competence assessment and passed an examination and/or assessment where applicable. Please speak to your club or council about future dates
  • Have bred and/or owned a minimum of three dogs when they obtained their first entry in The Kennel Club stud book (save in exceptional circumstances)
  • Have stewarded over a minimum of 12 days at shows (open or championship shows only)
  • 在相关子集团中参加了任何现场试验或开放的Gundog测试(GWT)(仅适用于Gundog繁殖委员会/俱乐部/社会)

品种俱乐部,社会和委员会还将有自己的标准,即预计应该建议的法官会实现。Please contact themfor more information.

A2 judges' list approval procedure

该Kennel Club believes that greater use of the A2 approval system will both improve procedures and be of long-term benefit in ensuring that new championship show judges have previously been deemed capable of undertaking an appointment to award Challenge Certificates. Equally importantly, it will enable judges to go through an approval procedure without first having to receive an invitation to award CCs, an aspect of the previous system that has frequently been criticised.


批评是法官完成的书面报告,他/她将概述他们在演出中判断的狗的相对美德和弱点,并解释为什么他们选择了另一只狗。参展商真的希望看到批评,因为他们想知道法官对他们的狗想到了什么。他们发表在Our Dogsand on该Kennel Club judges' critiques website


We believe that providing information on breed-specific visible health concerns allows judges, breeders and exhibitors to discourage the breeding of dogs with exaggerated conformational issues that are detrimental to health and welfare.品种手表为所有人涉及监测和保护血统犬的未来,为所有人提供了机会。

Veterinary health checks confirm best of breed awards at dog shows, by assessing dogs to ensure that no visible health conditions, which may cause pain or discomfort, are rewarded.阅读有关这些兽医检查的更多信息


本节提供常见问题的答案about category 3 breeds,including which breeds are identified as category 3 on品种手表,为什么他们已添加,以及解决问题的是什么。

Judges resident outside the UK

该suitability of overseas judges to officiate at events licensed by The Kennel Club will be assessed in the same way as for a British National. Overseas judges who have judged a particular breed at championship show level in their own country, or are endorsed by the relevant kennel club in their country, will normally be approved to judge that breed with Challenge Certificates in the UK.



FCI judges' agreement

该Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) have reached an agreement on the mutual recognition of judges.

Please see the协议条款那a修订了海外法官选择的惯例准则, 以及a contract that must be completed by all FCI judges谁居住在FCI国家并符合商定的标准。这仅适用于那些被提名奖励挑战证书,法官群体和最佳展示的人。不符合FCI协议规定的标准的法官应完成海外法官问卷。



Current system judges - frequently asked questions

We hope these frequently asked questions will help to resolve some of the common queries that are asked by judges about dog showing.


俱乐部有权收回你摇来摇去m the appointment; however it should have informed you in writing of its intention to do so.



3. I award CCs to one breed. Is it permissible to judge the group and AVNSC classes at open show?

Provided that you have previously awarded CCs to at least one breed and are currently eligible to do so, then you are eligible to judge the above classes.

4.我早上由于法官拳击手forthcoming show, however I also own Bullmastiffs which are being judged in the afternoon. Can I exhibit my Bullmastiff at the show?

No, it is not permissible to judge and exhibit at the same show, regardless of the breed.

5。Where can I find details of judging seminars?

该se are advertised in The Kennel Club Journal, Dog Press and also on our培训研讨会。you may also wish to contact a member of the education and training team by calling 01296 318540 (ext: 225). If a judge cannot find anything going on in their area, they can contact the trainer to ask about one-to-one training sessions.


A new system has been developed for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges, plus those who go on to award Challenge Certificates, judge championship show groups and best in show.

该system has been designed taking into account the feedback received from exhibitors, show societies and judges.

Level 1


  • 至少五年验证对血统犬的兴趣
  • Attend a requirements of a dog show judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and pass examination)
  • Attend a conformation and movement seminar
  • Complete a minimum of two full-day stewarding appointments

Eligibility to judge

Up to three classes (four if one is a puppy class) for any breed at limited or open shows.

Level 2



  • Take and pass requirements of a dog show judge examination
  • 狗评估的分数
  • Attend a breed appreciation day (BAD) and pass a multiple-choice examination (MCE) for the respective breed
  • 查看戒指保险柜研讨会,携带在线测验
  • Complete critique writing seminar and take online quiz

Subsequent breeds

  • 参加品种欣赏日(坏),并通过每个品种的多项选择检查(MCE)。注意:小组法官未在4级未获批准的集团审判,但强烈推荐出席

Eligibility to judge

  • 有限,公开或冠军展览会的各种品种的无限数量(无CCS)
  • Any variety classes, groups and best in show at limited shows
Level 3


  • Undergo minimum of three mentoring sessions with a minimum of 12 months between first and third session
  • Be observed judging a breed club show, breed supported entry show or championship show without CCs
  • Complete remaining 10 full-day stewarding appointments (onetime qualification)
  • Have owned/bred a minimum of three dogs when they obtained their first entry in The Kennel Club Stud Book – save for exceptional circumstances (one-time qualification for first breed in which a judge awards CCs)
  • Attended the appropriate sub-group field trial/open gundog working test for first gundog breed or ring procedure at licensed shows (German Shepherd Dog education programme) online exam (one-time qualification)
  • Have achieved the relevant hands-on experience in line with the stated requirements for the relevant stud book band
    • Band A minus1- 15只狗
    • 乐队A - 20只狗
    • Band B – 35 dogs
    • 乐队C - 60狗
    • Band D – 90 dogs
    • Band E – 125 dogs
    • For those breeds with varieties:
      • Dachshund: 250 Dachshunds of any combination of the six varieties
      • 贵宾犬:150张贵宾犬(微型),贵宾犬(标准)和贵宾犬(玩具)的组合,必须包括每种繁多的30个
      • German Spitz: 70 German Spitz of any combination of German Spitz (Klein) and German Spitz (Mittel)
      • Fox Terrier: 70 Fox Terriers of any combination of Fox Terrier (Smooth) and Fox Terrier (Wire)
      • Bull Terrier: 80 Bull Terriers of any combination of Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier (Miniature)
      • Belgian Shepherd Dog: 70 Belgian Shepherd Dogs, any combination of Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois and Laekenois
      • Chihuahua: 200 Chihuahuas, any combination of Long Coat or Smooth Coat
      • Schnauzer: Following extensive discussion with the breed clubs it has been decided to treat these as three separate breeds for CC approval purposes and questionnaires will be required to be submitted by a judge to award CCs in each size. Therefore, the required number of dogs for each size will be based on the respective stud book band. This arrangement will continue under JEP
该following types of event may be used to claim hands-on experience numbers:
  • Breed classes at championship shows without CCs
  • Breed classes at open shows
  • 在有限节目中品种课程
  • Mock/training classes at breed club shows (practical judging days) – only one occasion can be claimed and a maximum of five dogs
  • Dogs judged at Kennel Club approved assessments, maximum of five dogs – only one occasion and a maximum of five dogs. Cannot be used in addition to mock classes
  • 在俱乐部间或俱乐部内部单一品种比赛中判断的狗
  • 品种俱乐部的特殊奖课程
  • Supported entry shows
  • Dogs judged at single breed dog of the year competitions
  • Overseas appointments
狗可以在以下类型的活动中判断be included in a judge’s hands-on experience:
  • AVNSC和品种课程
  • At fun days
  • 与其他法官相结合,候选人法官不需要对狗进行独立判断
  • 任何JEP指导会议

1Those breeds designated band A minus are: Australian Cattle Dog; Australian Terrier; Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand); Bloodhound; Bouvier Des Flandres; Brittany; Finnish Spitz; Glen of Imaal Terrier; Ibizan Hound; Kerry Blue Terrier; Lakeland Terrier; Mastiff; Norwegian Buhund; Norwich Terrier; Otterhound; Pharaoh Hound; Polish Lowland Sheepdog; Retriever (Chesapeake Bay); Sealyham Terrier; Skye Terrier; Spaniel (Irish Water); Swedish Vallhund; Welsh Terrier.

Eligibility to judge

  • 有限,公开或冠军展览会的各种品种的无限数量(无CCS)
  • 任何品种课程组和最佳显示在有限节目中
Level 4 CC judge


  • 参加并通过狗窝俱乐部的特定品种特定的特定评估

Eligibility to judge

  • Award Challenge Certificates in the respective breed
  • 在开放和有限的节目中出现任何品种课程,群体和最好的课程

该Kennel Club breed education co-ordinators (known as the BEC) are administrative roles which co-ordinate all points of breed-specific education and support for judges. These co-ordinating roles are held on behalf of the breed clubs in order to support the breed club obligations under the Judges' Education Programme (Breed Shows) for the education and training of judges.


Breed appreciation days

该aim of the Judges' Education Programme (Breed Shows) breed appreciation day (and subsequent multiple-choice breed standard examination) is to educate individuals interested in the breed, whether they are exhibitors, aspiring judges or breeders, and provide them with the information to make informed decisions to preserve and safeguard the breed.


Details on how to run one of these days can be found below.


Mentoring forms an important part of a judge’s learning to be competent to judge a breed.

Mentor lists
Our mentor listsare collated by breed education co-ordinators (BECs), in consultation with their respective breed clubs and breed councils. If a breed does not have a mentor list published, this is because the breed education co-ordinator is currently collating it. Our lists are regularly updated and added as they are received.


Observer lists
Our observer listsare collated by breed education co-ordinators (BECs), in consultation with their respective breed clubs and breed councils. If a breed does not have an observer list published, this is because the breed education co-ordinator is currently collating it. Our lists are regularly updated and added as they are received.
Eye for a dog assessment

This assessment can only be undertaken by judges who have awarded at least one set of Challenge Certificates. Judges progressing to award Challenge Certificates in a second or subsequent breed under the Judges' Education Programme (Breed Shows) are required to have passed this assessment.



Several different types of scenario have been identified below to assist judges currently or previously resident outside Great Britain and inviting societies in understanding how they will transition into the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows).

Societies and judges are reminded that the current CC approval system will remain in place for five years.

Overseas judges will need to have a Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) online account to allow their appointments to be displayed on找一个法官



激活JEP帐户 Comments
  • 以前的冠军赛展览会将转移到法官的在线账户
  • Treated as level 4/5/6* judge as applicable with all the relevant judging privileges at each level

Judging privileges

Relevant breed(s) with CCs

*Level 4

(a) Unlimited number of classes of those breeds previously judged in UK with CCs at open, limited and championship shows.

(b) All groups and best in show and AV classes at open and limited shows.

(c) Up to three classes (four if one is a puppy) of any other breed at any show – register as JEP level 1.

*Level 5 – as above plus

(a) Relevant group at championship shows.

(b) Unlimited number of classes of any breed in that approved group at open and limited shows and non-CC classes at championship shows.

*Level 6 – as above plus


Overseas judges who have been approved to judge three unconnected breeds with CACIBs in their own country may judge variety classes at championship shows.



Full briefing regarding judging procedure required by inviting society.



激活JEP帐户 Comments

Cacib国际法官使用FCI协议 - 将授予额外品种或团体或BIS授予额外品种或团体或BIS的提名,该条款将在犬舍俱乐部批准的FCI协议和法官上市的法官。

Judging privileges

一旦批准将被视为4 / 5/6 *法官,如适用于上面列出的这些级别的所有相关的评审特权。

Overseas judges who have been approved to judge three unconnected breeds with CACIBs in their own country may judge variety classes at championship shows.

When approved activated by The Kennel Club.

Full briefing regarding judging procedure required by inviting society.


FCI协议未涵盖的法官 - 法官将继续填写标准海外法官调查问卷(JD14)。

Judging privileges

一旦批准将被视为4 / 5/6 *判断,如上面列出的这些级别的所有相关的评审特权。

When approved activated by The Kennel Club.


Full briefing regarding judging procedure required by inviting society.



激活JEP帐户 Comments
  • Can register at level 2 for the breed(s) where they have been approved to award CCs or the equivalent in their country of residence by a kennel club recognised by The Kennel Club UK and listed on the respective Kennel Club judges directory or the FCI judges directory
  • 可以在开放/有限的节目中判断任何品种,群体和最佳展示
  • 可以注册的一级别的品种吗

是 - 2级,由法官激活。

It is the show society’s responsibility to ensure that the judge meets the required criteria.

Full briefing regarding judging procedure required by inviting society.


Overseas judges not approved to award equivalent of CCs in their country of residence, judging at non-CC level in the UK

激活JEP帐户 Comments

1级标准– must prove to the inviting show society that the introductory judges training in their country of residence has been undertaken, by making available the pass certificate or having written confirmation from their kennel clubor已经参加了强制性英国法官教育计划(品种表演)研讨会,并且在繁殖和展示血统犬的一个或多个方面,在一个或多个方面获得了至少五年的兴趣,并有两天的管家经验(在他们的自己的国家被接受)。

Judging privileges

一个。Up to three classes (four if one is a Puppy) of any breed at any show – judge to register at JEP level 1.

Level 2 criteria- 已经参加了英国繁殖研讨会,并通过了多项选择考试和/或实践评估加上了上述要求。参加了剩余的伦溪俱乐部强制性法官教育计划(品种表演)研讨会,并通过了所需的相关考试。

Judging privileges

湾Up to three classes (four if one is a Puppy) of any breed at any show.

Level 3 criteria- 必须遵循法官教育计划(品种表演) - 将接受三个冠军所有/培育的代替3只狗在伦溪俱乐部螺柱书中列出,位于祖国。

Judging privileges- 作为2级

等级4标准– must follow Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows)

Judging privileges


(b) All groups and best in show and AV classes at open and limited shows.

(c) Up to three classes (four if one is a Puppy) of any other breed at any show – already registered as JEP level 1.

是 - 2级,由法官激活。

Level 1 to be activated by The Kennel Club upon application of the inviting society.

It is the show society’s responsibility to ensure that the judge meets the required criteria.

Full briefing regarding judging procedure required by inviting society.

This category is likely to be used for a small number of judges, examples might be: judges of numerically small breeds overseas, those where there is a restriction on a handler’s eligibility to judge, those countries where the training programme might not be considered robust. Home kennel club to be informed by the judge.



激活JEP帐户 Comments

在法官可能继续教育计划(Breed Shows) with relevant levels and judging privileges or be treated as an overseas judge after which the overseas judge criteria applies.


Judge needs to decide if they wish to be treated as a UK judge living abroad or as an overseas judge. The chosen route must be retained for future nominations.


Overseas judges now resident in the UK and now a CC judge in their home country

激活JEP帐户 Comments

该Kennel Club will continue to recognise previous approvals prior to moving to the UK to award UK CCs, group and best in show with relevant judging privileges. For all subsequent appointments to judge in the UK, the judge will be following the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows).

Judging privileges

Will relate to the relevant level achieved.

If the judge has awarded equivalent of CCs in their home country prior to moving to the UK but not judged that breed in UK with CCs, they may register for level 3 for the breed(s).

  • 他们需要通过RDSJ考试(一次)
  • Must have judged the relevant number of dogs (under any recognised jurisdiction)




激活JEP帐户 Comments
  • 北爱尔兰居民的非CC法官可以遵循法官教育计划(品种表演)1-3级,直到他们希望获得奖励CCS的时间,此时他们需要决定选择选择犬舍俱乐部或IKC管辖权
  • Kennel Club管辖权后审判教育计划(品种表演)
  • IKC许可法官(边境的任何一方)被视为海外法官

Non-CC appointments – yes.

CC appointment – when approved, activated by The Kennel Club.

该se judges are not covered by the current FCI agreement as they areresident in a FCI member country. Such judges must choose the jurisdiction under which they wish to be considered (The Kennel Club/IKC). Judges cannot ‘flip flop’ between being approved to award CCs under the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows)/existing UK system and the IKC system.

Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) levels - frequently asked questions



Breed clubs should consider those that have nearly fulfilled the A3 criteria and those who wish to progress to CC status during the transition period. Breed clubs should hold hands-on assessments for those judges progressing down the ‘grandfathering’ or A2 routes to meet the demand within their breed. Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) assessments will all be run by The Kennel Club, to ensure that there is a standard approach.


This is a move designed to enhance the open show scene and assist breed specialists especially to gain judging experience. Each breed club will be required to support classes for its breed at a minimum of two general or group open shows per year from 1 January 2021. It is hoped that the quality and quantity of exhibits at open shows will increase, especially as the breed club will have suggested the judges and promoted the classes to their membership. It is important that clubs do all they can to promote these shows and encourage members to enter. Breed clubs will have more influence over who judges their breed at general open shows through this. Breed clubs should be aware that sponsoring classes is not the same as having a supported entry show.




4.Can two different breed appreciation days take place on the same day at the same venue, with a morning and afternoon session, at which candidates could attend both?

If clubs wish to share a venue they can do so, however the events need to be separate and the timetable must allow sufficient time to cover both breeds fully and in-depth and provide for the multiple-choice breed standard exam. It is recommended that breed clubs consider including a group mentoring session as part of the event, which might impact upon the practicality of combined events.

5。Going forward, what will the purpose of a breed club’s judges sub-committee be once Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) is fully implemented?

Breed clubs should continue to have a judges sub-committee through the transition period as they will still need to produce judging lists etc. It may be that breeds feel they need a sub-committee to assist with the organisation of the breed appreciation day or assist the breed education co-ordinator with the pairing up of mentors and observers under Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows).
Questions for breed education co-ordinators


One. This person will be chosen by the breed club/council or, in the case of breeds with more than one club, through a consensus of breed clubs. They will remain in the post until the breed club(s) appoints someone else. If a breed cannot agree, The Kennel Club may become involved in the selection.

‘Assistants’ may be appointed if required.

2. What does a BEC role cover?

Read full details about the role of breed education co-ordinator

3. BEC将被报销为单港费用吗?


Questions for judges


Access to the online system to be free of charge for all judges of all levels for the first three years. Judges will not be ‘licensed’, as previously announced.

2. I award CCs in a breed and understand that once the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) system is live, I will be registered as a level 4 judge. I also understand that when this happens I will be able to be registered as a level 1 Judge for all breeds if I wish. However I have never completed any of the requirements for judges at level 1, as these were put into place after I was approved to award CCs. If I want to progress for another breed at level 2 onwards, do I have to complete all of the other level 1/level 2 requirements to do so?


3. Is it possible to be listed on the Find a Judge website as a judge at different levels all at the same time?


4.I am a CC judge but also on the B list for another breed, which level should I be on for each breed?


5。I attended a judging seminar a few years ago but cannot find my certificate to prove that I took the exam and passed. What should I do?

It is absolutely essential that proof of seminar attendance and exams undertaken is provided as these will need to be uploaded into the new system, and would be worth contacting the host club. If you cannot provide this, you will need to go to another seminar and take the relevant exam again.

6。Regarding the requirement for aspiring judges to undertake stewarding, how does that work?

As long as you have stewarded for 2充分在演出时期,您将达到1级要求。这是一天的一天中的管家不足 - 你必须为整天提供管家,并提供你所做的证据。一整天是从那个戒指中的所有判断的结论开始。

为了满足3级要求,您需要在12天内管制。在Kennel Club学院提供的管道上有一部电影,要求管家才能查看这一点。

7。Can I take the multiple-choice exam at a breed appreciation day if I have not yet attended The Kennel Club basic seminars or stewarded?


8. As my breed does not have CC status, what is the highest level I can be registered at for Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows)?

Level 4. You need to ensure you follow the same requirements as CC breeds for each stage ofJudges Education Programme (Breed Shows)。该re will be no distinction.

9. Will variety breeds (i.e. Dachshunds and Poodles) count as one breed when counting the 30% of breeds required to judge the group?

yes, they will.


Evidence can include, but is not restricted to: catalogues, club membership receipts, receipt of dogs purchased, club minutes, stewarding records.

11。I am a judge who is registered at level 4 for a non-CC breed. Can I judge not separately classified, AV classes, groups and best in show at open shows?


12. I am currently on a breed club A3 judging list. When can I make use of the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) 'grandfather' rights?

Judges will only be able to self-submit a questionnaire after 1 January 2021.


No, the requirement stays the same. UnderJudges Education Programme (Breed Shows)judges must be level 4 for at least one breed.

Questions for show organisers

1。该Kennel Club F regulations for the two systems will eventually be run alongside each other. Does this mean judges can be invited on either system?

yes, the two systems will run alongside each other and judges can decide which system to judge under. Shows can invite using either.

2. What wording does The Kennel Club advise including in judging contracts for shows?

该Kennel Club advises using the wording as follows: “In accepting this appointment I confirm that I comply with the requirements of the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) or The Kennel Club Regulation F(1)20b”.

3. Do we need to consult the breed clubs about judges appointed for ‘supported entry classes’ at our show or is it solely up to the general society?

养犬俱乐部非常希望鼓励基因ral societies and breed clubs to work together. It will be to your mutual benefit to encourage a larger entry for the judge to go over, thus contributing to their education while at the same time increasing competition which will enhance the overall experience for the exhibitor. The supporting breed club will submit two names as possible judges, if neither is available you will need to go back to the breed club for two more names.

4.Who can judge classes of a breed prior to the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) online system being available?


该exception to this is where a valid contract is in place prior to 24 February 2020, when this announcement was made, providing the appointment complies with The Kennel Club Regulation F(1)20.b

To be able to judge more than three classes of a breed (four if one is a puppy) at any show or any number of classes at a championship show without CCs, a judge must be listed on a breed club/council B list or above.



A full list of judge eligibility can be found above.

Additional resources

该re are a number of resources which you can download or purchase to assist you with your judging.

Free breed show judges' resources