The law

同时植入芯片已经强制狗in England, Scotland and Wales since 2016, there are currently no legal requirements for veterinarians, local authorities or highways agencies to scan dogs or cats in any circumstance. In May 2020, the UK Government announced it was considering scanning requirements as part of the ongoing post-implementation review of the microchipping regulations.


The British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) guidance recommends that an animal should be scanned for the presence of a microchip when admitted for treatment ‘if considered appropriate’. The BVA also newly recommends scanning before euthanasia and in other circumstances, including: prior to microchip implantation; on first presentation at the practice; on presentation of a lost, stray or seemingly unowned animal; annually as routine; and on admission for treatment or hospitalisation. It currently does not recommend compulsory scanning of all dogs at every presentation, highlighting that this would misunderstand both the powers of veterinarians and poses potential welfare harms to both animals and humans.


皇家兽医(RCVS)强调,兽医目前没有义务在安乐死前扫描微芯片,也没有证实呈现动物和签署同意于安乐死的人的人在Microchip上作为动物的守护者注册。如果有所有权争议或动物被怀疑被盗,则预计兽医将遵循RCVSclient confidentiality and microchipped animals flowchart


Tuk’s Law


狗窝俱乐部’s position


We hope that scanning before euthanasia will ensure that owners are aware and reminded of all available options, such as ensuring dogs with rescue back-up details are returned to rescue centres or their back-up contact prior to euthanasia. There may be some situations in which this would not be considered appropriate or in the dog’s best interest: in circumstances where this is genuinely the case, the veterinarian’s discretion must come into effect.

Kennel Club品种救援组织在每年约有10,000只狗,Kennel Club通过发布英国周围存在的许多品种救援组织的目录来支持这些组织。Kennel Club的保证饲养员计划允许那些以负责任的方式购买小狗的人。为了获得认证,育种者必须承诺 - 如有必要 - 随着所有狗在整个狗的一生中和任何原因中的任何狗都会重新选择他们在该计划中繁殖。该措施专门用于预防其他健康的血统犬的安乐死。


Proposed to apply to cats only, Gizmo’s Law would make it a legal requirement for all local authorities to scan a microchip of a deceased cat in order to return it to the registered keeper and to notify Deceased Cats UK when a deceased cat is discovered without a microchip in order for them to reunite the animal with its keeper. Gizmo’s Law has been proposed alongside Tuk’s Law as part of a joint Bill brought forward by James Daly MP.

狗窝俱乐部’s position




狗窝俱乐部’s position

We are supportive of the provisions laid out in Fern’s Law, which would mandate compulsory scanning upon first presentation at a veterinary surgery and on an annual basis. Such measures are important to ensure that lost or stolen dogs have a higher chance of being reunited with their keepers. Additionally, it will make sure the microchip is still working and has not migrated significantly.

狗窝俱乐部’s position

We will not support petitions calling for the creation of a single database of microchipped cats and dogs, as well as mandatory scanning at every presentation, due to a number of reasons outlined below.

狗窝俱乐部recognises that a number of databases are not compliant with regulatory requirements and that in general there are lots of databases in the market which can be confusing. Whilst Petlog would comply with having to share information on a joined up service, we believe that a single database raises a number of concerns: for example, it would impact competition in the market and is likely to result in price increases for pet owners and a lack of innovation. To address concerns regarding non-compliant databases, we would welcome compliance auditing of all databases by a relevant governmental body. This would ensure that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), for example, is continuously monitoring the activity and service of databases in its jurisdiction and updating its list of compliant databases as necessary.

此外,Petlog数据库目前仍然在宠物被转移之后持有动物的先前守门员和任何救援细节的细节。这确保了动物的更详细背景历史 - 包括宠物的位置以及它以前有多少饲养员 - 例如,兽医或守护者可以在紧急情况下与数据库联系到数据库。

由于BVA以上突出显示的原因,我们在每次约会时都不支持强制扫描因为扫描和检查相关的database can be time consuming, and may be unlikely to be completed in a meaningful way if required during every visit to the veterinary surgery. This could have a number of unintended consequences for animals and their owners, such as a reduced number of available appointments and increased costs for owners to burden. We would like to see greater adoption of technological advances, such as the Halo Scanner, which can scan a microchip and automatically flag a lost or stolen animal within eight seconds. This would make the process both quicker and easier for veterinarians.

It is also worth noting that veterinarians already play a key role in helping to reunite lost or stolen animals with their owners. The BVA advises veterinarians to exercise their professional judgement, based on the information available, when choosing whether to scan for a microchip. It is important that veterinarians continue to operate within their powers and follow best practice guidelines regarding scanning. They cannot seize or hold a dog suspected as stolen, nor can they share confidential ownership information; however, they can scan on first presentation at the practice to ensure dogs are microchipped and contact details are up to date. It is essential that the health and welfare needs of the dog are put front and centre of any changes to and application of microchipping legislation.

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如果您对您的议会代表贷款给您的支持,请写一封信给您的议会代表我们的许多竞选之一and letting them know how they can help. Your emails and letters don't need to be long, in fact, the shorter the better as politicians are very busy. By doing this you will be playing your part in keeping the welfare of dogs on the political agenda.

Our guide to letter writing







The first paragraph of your letter should always introduce your concerns to your parliamentary representative. For example:
(This information can be found onthe relevant campaign page of our website。)

Kennel Club的网站上的每个广告系列的页面都概述了该组织的官方立场以及正在尝试和推动变革的事情。该信息可以作为讲述议会代表的指导方针,该代表需要修改现有立法。



…then write a bullet-point list into your letter.


Tell your parliamentary representative the line of action that you wish them to take on this matter. This could be taking the matter up with their party, raising the issue in parliament, signing an EDM or supporting a specific Bill. If you are unsure what to write in this paragraph,联系Kennel Club的公共事务团队for advice.



To help keep us up-to-date on which politicians are aware/supportive of our campaigns, please photocopy or summarise the response you receive and send it to usby email或者邮寄至:伦溪俱乐部公共事务,1-5克里斯街,皮卡迪利,伦敦,W1J 8ab。


Most parliamentary representatives hold surgeries where constituents can meet them face to face. Sometimes notices of surgeries appear in local newspapers, but if not you can contact your MP, MSP, AM or MLA’s office directly to book your appointment in advance.

Five steps to success

  1. Preparation is key.列出要与您的议会代表讨论的问题/主题领域。www.w88.com与事实和数字一起武装,以支持您的论点。您还应该采取记事本和笔来编写任何重要点以供参考
  2. 直接。介绍自己,你在那里讨论。说明您的疑虑,请反驳他们可能产生的任何反对点。不要变得情绪化 - 你将通过平静和合理的平静和合理作出更强的争论
  3. 倾听并建设性地回复。Once you have made your position, allow your MP/MSP/AM/MLA to present you with his/hers. Listen carefully for areas of agreement and disagreement, always be positive and try to ask questions that will probe their personal viewpoint rather than that of their party
  4. Be aware of time.Stick to the issue and try not to get sidetracked into general debate - you will have a limited amount of time with him/her and it is important to make sure you get across all the points you wish to make
  5. 在会议结束时和超越......感谢他们的会议,总结您的讨论和概述您可以前进的步骤。www.w88.com让他们知道他们可以在将来与您联系,进一步讨论该问题。
谢谢您的信,总结您的访问以及您的MP / MSP / AM / MLA提供的任何操作,请跟进会议。您也可以在一个月后再次联系他们,看看已经取得了什么进展。这也将有助于将问题保持在他们的脑海中。

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