Getting ready for the festive season

The Christmas festivities have started earlier this year. Covid-19 has changed the way we have had to train and look after our dogs during the year, and Christmas time is no different. We have devised a range of useful resources to get you through December to ensure you and your dog stay happy and healthy; from teaching your dog something new, to finding some activities for the kids – you name it, we have it!
Dog looking up with Christmas decorations on the floor

Fun Christmas games for your dog

As we spend more time indoors, why not try some of these fun games to play with your dog?

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Training your dog at home

Looking for something new to teach your dog? Find lots of new ways to train you dog while at home.

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Christmas time with Aussie on sofa

Fun tips for self isolation with your dog

The main problem with isolation for your dog will be boredom, so finding ways of keeping them active is very important

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Dalmatian looking over the shoulder of brunette girl

Stress at Christmas

Explore our useful tips and advice on how you can help ensure your dog's stress is kept to a minimum during the festive period.

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Looking after your dog on New Year's Eve

The lead up to any celebration with fireworks, such as New Years Eve, can be a very traumatic time for many dogs.

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Dog in front of a Christmas tree

Something for the kids

Join in our Young Kennel Club advent calendar countdown (make sure you have joined the YKC in order to take part)

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Antifreeze poisoning in dogs

Antifreeze can be extremely dangerous to dogs. It can damage their kidneys and can cause death, even after only a small amount has been licked.

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What foods not to give your dog this Christmas

Although your dog may be high-up there on your list of loved ones, sharing certain human foods with them can make your dog very ill.

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Which Christmas plants are poisonous to dogs?

Over the Christmas period, as well as tinsel and baubles, many of us tend to decorate our homes with an abundance of festive greenery.

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Christmas toys and decorations

With lots of new and exciting things around the house, Christmas can be both an exciting and confusing time for our dogs.

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Rat and mouse poisons in dogs

Find out more about the risks around putting poisons down to get rid of rats and mice and how it can effect your dog.

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Dangers to dogs during the winter season

Winter is the season for cold icy weather, dark evening strolls, crunching in the snow and ice and brisk frosty walks.

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Christmas gifts

Young Kennel Club
Join the Young Kennel Club, the UK's biggest kids' club for young people between the ages of 6-24 years, and you will receive free tickets for Crufts and Discover Dogs, access to dog training days and entry to competitions and events with your dog.
Affiliate membership
Becoming an affiliate can be a rewarding and productive way of contributing to The Kennel Club's overall aim "to promote in every way the general improvement of dogs". Purchase a gift card for your favourite person today!
The Kennel Club Breed Rescue Calendar
Displaying 12 heartwarming images of pedigree rescue dogs, telling each dog's story of how they have been helped to find their new ‘forever’ home by The Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations.