Walking your dog in the countryside exposes dog owners to risk of death and life-changing injuries by cattle. We are gravely concerned that proven best practice on how to reduce the risks of cattle trampling for farmers and walkers is not being consistently applied and that known dangers are routinely ignored due to lack of funding and awareness by local authorities and Government. As cattle are increasingly grazed on publicly accessible green spaces and common land, it is becoming harder for walkers with dogs to avoid conflict with cattle.




“守门员”——如农夫的牛responsible for preventing them from causing harm or injury to people, even if they behave unpredictably. Thus, whilst warning signs to help walkers avoid danger are helpful, effective management and the minimization of risks still rests with the farmer – eliminating risks could include, for example, keeping reactive cattle away from where people have a right to walk. Legal action has been taken in some circumstances, such as when deaths and serious injuries have occurred; however, prosecuting farmers for acting unlawfully or negligently does not put right life-changing injuries and thus more action must be taken to prevent injuries and deaths in the first place.



狗窝俱乐部has been actively working with Natural England to ensure its 2021 review of the Countryside Code for England better highlights how walkers can stay safe around cattle, with a view to prompting improvements in messaging elsewhere across the UK. We have also worked closely with them to ensure that the HSE is involved, and its guidance followed, when farmers apply to have access to land closed due to cattle presenting a risk of death or injury to walkers.


How to keep yourself safe

While the rules about where you can go and what you can do in the outdoors vary depending where you are in the UK, the advice about how to stay safe around cattle is the same wherever you are:

S.top, look and listen before entering a field; be aware of any cattle present



E.xit the area calmly and quickly if threatened, releasing your dog to make it easier for you both to reach safety separately.


While picking up your dog may feel like the most natural thing to do when threatened by cattle, this can make you more likely to be injured.


What to do if you are injured or experience a near miss

It is vitally important that near misses, as well as actual injuries, are reported as this can prevent a more serious injury or death occurring next time. In this situation, you must contact:

  • 您当地的理事会的方式或乡村访问团队的权利 - 您将能够在安理会网站上找到他们的详细信息
  • 健康和安全执行 - 这可以通过电子邮件,在线或电话完成。在E.ngland, Scotland and Wales, call 0300 003 1647. In北爱尔兰, call 0800 0320 121.
  • You may also wish to speak to a solicitor if you want to claim compensation from the farmer for any injuries or other losses arising from being chased or injured by cattle.

在英国每年有1000万牛和估计的200亿只狗散步,死亡和伤害是罕见的。但是,当事故发生时,后果可能会毁灭 - 所以享受你的狗走路,但要留意牛,请遵循上面的建议,并报告你遇到的任何问题。

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